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Click HERE Computer Consultants

Our Services

One-time support
Unattended Access

WIFI Protection

RAID Controllers

Office 365
Google Docs
Cloud Backup

IT Solutions for Businesses ONLY!

Click Here Computer Consultants provides technical solutions to small business owners! We advise and support information technology to maximize your business’ productivity.

Small Business Consultation
If your business is in need of technical solutions, we can specify the hardware and software, configure all devices, and support end-users. Client-server networks, peer-to-peer networks, remote connectivity, and Cloud services are all options that we support. Most businesses use one or all of these solutions and we can implement them all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Virus and Malware Removal
Is your computer running slowly? Your computer should work as fast as you think! If you are spending too much valuable time waiting for screen refreshes (watching the hourglass or spinning circle) then you need our help! Viruses and Malware (malicious attacks) can slow you down and possibly damage your files. We can remove the infections or rebuild your operating system.

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